About Doppler

steve_othree_rosecastlesmallI am a technical diving instructor trainer, author, and marketing, and training consultant for a bunch of clients in the public and private sectors. I think of myself as a cave diver, but I love historical shipwrecks, especially WWII casualties.

For the Record
I was elected to The Explorers Club in May 2005 on account of work done on deep wrecks in North America’s Great Lakes, and am a member of the College of Fellows of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society (RCGS). In 2015, I earned the Sheck Exley International Safety Award for cave diving. Over the years, I have been lucky enough to be part of several expeditions, and in 2007 led a team that assessed the Bell Island iron ore mine for “condition, safety and feasibility” for future research. Our report provided the Bell Island Heritage Society with important information on artifacts left when mining operations ended in the 1940s. In 2016,  I was part of the team that successfully revisited the mine to continue the work begun nine years before. This recent project carried flags from the Explorers Club and RCGS, and was voted project of the year by the RCGS.

As well as this blog, I’ve published dozens of articles about diving and diver training for various publications and has written several textbooks and instructor guides. I’ve presented at dozens of dive shows and seminars across North America and Europe. The usual topics include diver safety and adventure tourism. The books I’ve published on diving include: The Six Skills and Other Discussions, a guide for technical divers and the very popular Staying Alive: Applying Risk Management to Advanced Scuba Diving.

To connect with me about training programs, or just to talk about diving, you might try emailing doppler@techdivertraining.org or you can visit my website by going to www.techdivertraining.org

You’ll find me on Facebook and Twitter too.


13 thoughts on “About Doppler

  1. Steve,
    Nice blog. You are moving into the 21st century much better than me. Can’t wait to see the book come out. Take care.


  2. Just found this site. I have been considering the concept governing “DIR” and “everything else.” I have friends who dive both and the logic presented on your site is just what I have been searching for.

  3. Steve,

    You have to empty your brain into your blog here more often. I’m still stuck working in Rochester NY and at least want to READ about diving 🙂


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  5. Although I’ve met several TDI instructors I still look forward to the opprotunity to train with you. I hope the 2012 season will allow me to find the time and money for some tech courses. Till then I’ll keep reading the blog and emails.

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  7. Steve is a diving stud! Listen to him because he knows through years of experience and he is always training to improve himself. He is selfless and always willing to share his knowledge and expertise. Thanks for everything you do for the diving community Steve.

  8. Great blog! Thank you for sharing your experiences with us! Take care and dive safe! Greetings from Budapest Hungary. P.S. We have a amazing cave in the middle of the city.

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