Best wishes for the holidays…

Quite apart from the Holiday and Family time, this is a great time of year for circumspection; how did we do last year, and how can we do better in the coming one?

Usually, I am not big on New Year celebrations, resolutions and the whole ‘New Start’ outlook when a new calendar goes up on the wall. This year is a little different. Early in 2011, I’ll have a new book to peddle. Six Skills and Other Discussions is in layout and final proofing now with a press date of January 24 scheduled. It’s been a long and circuitous journey, but I think it’s been worth the effort and the early reviews from my “editorial board” have been excellent. It feels good to be processing pre-orders and getting ready to sign a few copies (I hope)! Also putting the finishing touches on the training schedule for the Winter and Spring, and looking forward to putting away the snow shoes and getting the rebreather out again, because here in the north, the days are getting longer, which must mean warmer weather is on the way… no?

Best Wishes to all of you regardless of where you find yourselves and Merry Christmas. I will be back in the New Year. Have fun. Dive Safe.

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